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Sara-Britt Arts is committed to conducting workshops and demonstrations with nationally acclaimed artists. These are real hands-on workshops that will help you expand your vision as well as your techniques, whether you are a beginner or advanced oil painter.

  • Get the most out of your workshop when there are only a few seats left!
    If you want to make the most of your workshop, be sure to arrive early! By reserving a spot beforehand, you can ensure that the room is completely filled and maximize the potential for success. How to plan a workshop that is effective and efficient with a few seats left When planning a workshop, it […]
  • “How to Overcome Kenn Backhaus’s Worst Enemy”
    In this article, we will learn about Kenn Backhaus’s worst enemy- his own insecurities and doubts. We will also see how he deals with these problems, and how they have impacted his success as a business man. Introduction to Kenn Backhaus and his worst enemy, self. Kenn Backhaus is a successful business man. He has […]
  • How To Fall In Love With Art Again (And Change Your Life Forever)
    If you’re feeling lost in your art career, this guide will show you how to find your passion and finally fall in love with your work again. It’ll also help you change your life for the better in ways you never imagined. With a little effort on your part, you can make a significant impact […]
  • “The Truth About Why Men Fall In Love”
    Are you curious about why men fall in love? In this article, the author shares her findings about the biological reasons behind why men are drawn to love. She argues that love is one of the strongest instincts humans have, and that it can be a beautiful thing, or it can be destructive. Are you […]
  • The Art of Discovery: The Artist’s Workshop
    Have you ever felt lost in your work? Stuck in a rut, unable to find new inspiration? In this article, we will explore how one can find new inspiration in the world around them by looking at the works of art of the past. By studying the artists who have come before us, we can […]
  • Kevin Macpherson’s Top Social Media Tips for Writers
    Are you looking to use social media to promote your work, but don’t know where to start? Kevin Macpherson has some tips for you, and he’s told us all about them in this attention-grabbing article. You’ll want to read on to learn about the importance of being authentic, keeping your followers interested, and using social […]
  • From Record Collector to Vinyl Audio Researcher: The Story of Michael Del Priore
    From Record Collector to Vinyl Audio Researcher: The Story of Michael Del Priore The story of Michael Del Priore, from record collector to vinyl audio researcher Michael Del Priore is a self-proclaimed “vinyl audio researcher.” After spending years collecting records and listening to them, he began to notice a pattern: vinyl audio sounded better than […]
  • “Get a Masterclass in Art from These Famous Artists”
    Looking to learn more about the art world? These famous artists have some great advice for you in a Masterclass! They’ll teach you about the concepts and techniques behind their work, so you can start creating your own masterpieces. Introducing the Masterclass Artists The Masterclass Artists are some of the most renowned and highly respected […]
  • Get Reading: 8 Fun & Exciting Books to Add to Your Summer Reading List
    Looking for some new summer reading material? Check out some of these exciting books! From thrilling thrillers to adventurous non-fiction stories, these books will keep you entertained all summer long. Whether you are looking for a light read or something to take your mind off of the heat, these books have you covered! Get Reading: […]

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